This Blog is authorised by John Field, 17 Garret St, Wellington
100 things about me/ or more than you’d ever want to know:
1. I’m 41
2. My full name is Heather Janet Logie, I’ve never been called Heather.
3. I feel compelled to write Heather on official forms.
4. I’m living in Paekakariki,  but I’ve also lived in Canberra, Sydney, a small town out of Oslo, Hokkaido, Japan, and Pune India as well Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch and Invercargill.
5. I’m single
6. I’m a political chick. Politics with a small p fires my brain and soul.
7. I don’t really believe in souls.
8. I’m a 3rd & 4th generation Pakeha, with Scottish roots.
9. As a kid I learnt Highland dancing
10. My family would regularly perform at Caehlie (sorry I can’t spell it) lined up in our matching argyle knit jerseys.
11. I played the cornet/trumpet/flugel horn from age 6-18.
12. I played in Orchestras, Jazz bands, and a brass band.
13. I left Invercargill when I was 17and lived in Norway for a year.
14. So far I’ve been to 24 countries.
15. The latest book on my bedside table is: Shades of Grey by Jasper FForde
16. Favourite books include: Pride and Prejudice; Geek Love; Crime and Punishment; The Passion; Perfume; Don Emmanual And the Coco Wars; Nights at the Circus; Dream Swimmer; The Sparrow…
17. I hardly ever read a book more than once and I like to give my books away after I’ve read them.
18. I can’t go to the library because I never return the books
19. I love stationary especially notebooks and journals.
20. I like them so much I’m loath to write in them. I buy them with grand plans to fill them with drawings, life observations, quotes, thoughts of genius, and beautiful words but months later there they are looking pretty and empty.
21. At the moment I’m listening to a lot of indie rock, hiphop, with some Jazz, funk and punk mixed in just to make sure I keep it real.
22. I’m a big fan of Aotearoa/NZ arts
23. I think nationalism/patriotism is dangerous but I also believe Aotearoa/NZ is a flawed but fabulous place with a lot to offer the world.
24. My favourite movies include: Whale Rider; Anger; Santa Sangria; Delicatessen; Men with Guns; Mulholland Drive and several others that I’ve forgotten the names of.
25. I would love to make political documentaries.
26. I’m a bit of a clothesaholic but I de-clutter regularly so my wardrobe is actually quite small.
27. My favourite clothes are mostly ones I got for almost nothing at fairs or second hand shops.
28. I still aspire to an easy Katherine Hepburn Elegance. I’d have to revert to anorexia, get a maid to look after my clothes, and have a personality transplant to make it happen though.
29. I’m kinda girly and kinda boyish all at the same time. Some days more one than the other.
30. I was a member of the Drag Kings, NZ’s premier queer drag troupe.
31. Careers I’ve considered include: interior decorator; politician; drama teacher; travel agent; musician; artist; cook; café owner; political documentary maker; writer; political revolutionary; academic…
32. I’ve never considered: stockbroker; anything in the military; working for MacDonalds; breaking stones by pick in a quarry; mining; working in a Nuclear power station…
33. I’ve been inspired by and loved all of the jobs I’ve had post university.
34. I have worked with some extraordinary (young) people.
35. I was in the NZ govt. delegation to the UN Beijing +5 Conference in 2000.
36. I’m embarrassed that I’m amazed and proud of this.
37. I believe that most of the cool things I’ve done are thanks to the people around me
38. I volunteered for several months for Akanksha doing lots of inspiring things including teaching English and Drama to children living in the slums.
39. Other jobs I’ve had include: cleaner; kitchen hand; music teacher; freelance facilitator; sole charge cook; waitress; manual labourer; bar tender; hot potato seller; hostess in a restaurant; kiwi fruit packer; manager of a backpackers.
40. The worst job I’ve ever had was manager of a backpackers.
41. I believe Unions are f—– important.
42. I’m a consummate consumer who thinks consumerism is just wrong.
43. I think I’m laid back
44. And I was a Diet Coke addict
45. I have managed to give up smoking – knock on wood.
46. To my surprise I was in a fabulous relationship from 22-32.
47. I didn’t believe in love before then.
48. I often fancy people from a distance for a long time.
49. I’ve never asked anyone out on a date.
50. I’m not at all obsessive in relationships.
51. I can understand jealousy from a distanced perspective but it’s a rare and fleeting experience for me. I think this is often interpreted as a lack of commitment.
52. I’m much more likely to experience envy, driven by a shameful/less sense of competitiveness.
53. I was a revolting Christian of the all or nothing, pulpit bashing, lecturing type from age 14-16.
54. I thankfully saw the light after my youth group leader laid hands on me to drive out my demons. One was because my Dad was (is) a Mason.
55. My sense of family loyalty surpasses any religious feeling.
56. At times I’d like to have a belief system that includes something after life. But I lack faith.
57. As a child I laid hands on the neighbours white rabbit that my cat had killed and prayed for God to bring it back to life. Nothing happened.
58. I was a radical feminist for while.
59. I’m still a feminist… but not a radical one.
60. I’m pro-choice, and think a lot of the pro-life imagery is a creepy form of pornography.
61. I think the way to a better world is by highlighting the inconsistencies in dominant belief systems and creating a forum for more voices to be heard and channels for aspirations to be realised. This cannot be done within the existing power structures.
62. I first wanted to be a communist because I loved Barbara Streisand in the way we were.
63. I’ve been told I’m weird more often than I care to count.
64. I travelled around Australia in an old Volvo called Hilton, so we could say we were staying at the Hilton. We painted the roof with a purple and green picture of Che Guervara with the words “i Hasta la Victoria siempra”.
65. I majored in Political Philosophy at Varsity.
66. This area of thought still inspires me.
67. I was a terrible student
68. I also did drama and women’s studies both of which I also loved.
69. I like and hate rules. I like knowing what’s expected of me but I hate the idea of doing something just because I’m supposed to.
70. My chronic procrastination is an attempt to convince myself of my brilliance.
71. Most days I’m excited about what’s out in the world.
72. I love having the music up loud on my ipod and dancing down deserted streets.
73. I currently spend too many hours on the computer
74. Things that make me angry: injustice; abuse of power; US global and local aggression; poverty; violence and casual cruelty.
75. I’m technologically inept and I’m continually thinking I should do something to change that.
76. I’ve owned 6 or 7 cars and only one did I know the make and year etc before buying it.
77. I have been actively involved in campaigns for Treaty rights; peace; Free Gaye Oakes; Free Education; Paid Parental Leave; Prostitution Law Reform; and the elimination of violence.
78. Sometimes I’m amazed by how much I’ve done. Sometimes I’m ashamed at how little I’ve done.
79. I’m an INTP, Scorpio, blood type O-
80. I like getting my fortune told, it’s like emotional candy.
81. When I was 22 I got a small tattoo of Isis inside a triangle on the chakra point on my right upper arm.
82. The lines on my tattoo are dented from the many times I passed out while getting it.
83. My favourite party stories are no-longer appropriate for public consumption
84. I’m amazed that my life has been so respectable in recent years. I feel good about what I’ve been doing but sometimes worry that I’ve made it all a bit too safe.
85. I love the sun and don’t mind, actually quite like, getting sun burnt.
86. I often walk around thinking about how to make the world a better place.
87. I love supermarkets.
88. I have lots of scars because I’m quite unco.
89. I have volunteered with Women’s Refuge (I still do), Wellington Rape Crisis, Wellington HELP sexual abuse centre, Youthline, briefly with Wellington Gay and Lesbian Fair Committee, and offer free facilitation to a range of community change groups.
90. My ideal meal is one with lots of little things that you can graze on, accompanied by red wine/appropriate cocktails, good conversation and music.
91. My favourite comfort foods are: sausages eggs and chips, cheesy toasted sandwiches with either chicken and corn or ham/salami and relish; macaroni cheese; bangers and mash; and big breakfasts.
92. I have played netball; volleyball; softball; soccer; touch rugby; basketball; tennis and squash (I even played in the nationals). I have also done gymnastics, ice-skating, a half marathon and a mountain run and the coast to coast mountain bike ride.
93. I have solo paraponted off the crown ranges, kayaked down the Shotover river(thanks Ian & Anna); body boarded off a dam out of Hawera; learnt how to parachute (but didn’t do it); and abseiled in Waitomo; and I love boogie boarding and skiing, and I’m now learning to snow board.
94. I’m not sporty
95. I was doing Yoga everyday for a while and need to start again.
96. For a while I was meditating every morning. Following the calmness with a good cup of coffee, then washing out of a bucket of water, slurping my tea and arguing with rickshaw drivers.
97. I can’t seem to post letters
98. I love Sydney/Istanbul/Paris/Mexico City/Wellington/. Being able to walk for 15 minutes and be in a different feeling part of the city is how I think all cities should be designed.
99. I think locking my house or not walking alone at night gives power to the myth of stranger danger, and ultimately makes our society more dangerous.
100. I love the sea when the surf is up. One of my favourite moments was running around the bays out by Eastbourne during a big storm with the wind behind me. I had to run from Lamppost to Lamppost to stop being blown into the sea, which was crashing up on the road. I screamed in exhilaration all the way.

4 responses to “About

  1. Go you wonder woman! Great to know you!

  2. Fantastic to find another feminist voice on-line in NZ, Jan. I’ve just submitted your Andy Haden post to the Down Under Feminists Carnival.

  3. Jennifer Lawless

    You’re 40?? JC! Given your (ex) habit that seems either lucky, or unfair!

    Great blog

  4. Deborah – I love your blog and feel a little proud that you’ve read mine.

    Jenn – Funny. Thanks. Funny. Trying to work out which of my (ex) bad habits you might be referring to. Parliament or cigarettes or…

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