Politics – with a capital P

I’m not actually that interested in the machinations of big P Politics, who got what in the polls, who’s doing deals with who, or who said what about who…

Specifically, I am not interested in political strategy when the focus is attracting the elusive middle-New Zealand voter.

I know some people will say this makes me politically naive, maybe it does, but I’d rather be naive than vulnerable to compromising my ideals.

However there’s one ‘Political’ thing I do want to quickly respond to. There has been a lot of discussion about Gareth Hughes not running for the candidate vote in Ohariu-Belmont. This has been compared to National not running for the candidate vote in Epsom in favour of ACT.

It is different in ways that the commentators don’t seem to understand.

The Greens only campaign for the party vote. We are not running any campaigns for electorate seats and we haven’t for the last three elections. There is a very simple reason for this, and it’s not that we don’t want to be or wouldn’t be good electorate MPs. It’s because it costs significantly more money to campaign for a seat as well as a party vote.

The reality for the Greens is we run more on love than money, and we are not in a position to campaign for the personal vote. It’s a shame because I do think there is something very privileged and special about representing an electorate.

National has the resources and the possibility of winning the Epsom seat, but they are choosing not to campaign for the candidate vote because they want ACT in Parliament with them.


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