Do you have STD?

As reported in the NZ Herald this morning, The Consumer Credit Expectations Survey, conducted by the credit reporting and collection company Dun & Bradstreet, shows that 38 per cent of high-income households (those with an income of $60,000 or more) expect they will need to pay for purchases using credit cards in the September quarter.

Those intending to use credit to pay for otherwise unaffordable expenses:
* 40 per cent of women.
* 43 per cent of middle-aged people.
* 33 per cent of men.

I’m curious about the difference between men and women – does this show single men and women or are heterosexual women paying more of the family expenses or is this a sign of STD – Sexually Transmitted Debt? That is, women tied to their partners by the weight of debt generated by their partner. A dynamic to think about during the Women’s Refuge Appeal Week. It’s truly much harder for women to leave a violent relationship when they have huge debt in their names.

You can donate to help women escape here


2 responses to “Do you have STD?

  1. yeah but I paid mine off – lerv should mean swapping vows or Rings – not Credit Cards.
    last time I ‘fell’ I figured I’d skip it – largely because of the attendant bills.
    It’s a trans gender problem, re-enforced by out-dated concepts of marriage, civil union etc.

  2. Good point about how difficult debt can make it for people (especially women) to leave violent relationships. Important also to consider the sort of places those in the toughest economic situations get credit from – not banks but loan sharks. Which means not only are these women facing violence and intimidation from their partners, but also intimidating and violent threats from the people who will be chasing them up about the debt if they leave their partner. Such an awful situation.

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