Wish I could go to Nat Party Conference..

for a good old fashioned protest!

I’m feeling another wave of bewilderment – it’s what I expected but it’s still so saddening and maddening to see it happening.

What worries me the most is the speed and multi-pronged nature of the attack.

Can all of our battles across sectors actually convey how truly awful the whole picture is? Can our separate battles create enough of a sense of crisis to stop them being elected again.

In less than two years they have significantly undermined:
Work rights
Democracy local and national
Conservation and the environment
Youth development
Womens’ equity and rights
Tax rates

Basically the next decade and more.


2 responses to “Wish I could go to Nat Party Conference..

  1. yea – some of my friends want to bet they’ll win one more election.
    I’m trying to work out who the Gnats haven’t ticked off and whether I should take the odds.
    Certainly I’ve seen very few Governments so reviled, returned to Office!

  2. You missed a good one, Jan. Given only 2 days notice and advertising only through union and political party email lists and Frogblog and The Standard (strangely, the Labour MPs didn’t promote it on Red Alert), I thought a turnout of 500 was pretty impressive.

    And they were 500 very angry people.

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