New Zealanders don’t save because we get too much for free

According to Bill English.

“English said that one powerful influence driving personal debt over savings was government welfare.

“I remember going along to AMP to talk to their staff and they said I was by far their biggest competitor.

“The government gives free childcare, free compulsory education, no interest on tertiary … and pay per week per child. Everything is free so why should people save?”

We don’t save enough. Of course it’s not that poor and middle income people don’t have enough money to allow them to save. No. And it’s certianly nothing to do with the rampantly consumerist society we live in. Oh god no: it’s obviously the fault of our welfare state.

I’m sure everyone could get a fair go and the playing field would suddenly be even if we had to pay more for the things that help social mobility.

Can’t people see these ideas are nutty?

I may have to rename this blog the rage – coz I’m feeling it.


2 responses to “New Zealanders don’t save because we get too much for free

  1. I think it’s dangerous….when I think back to comparable Governments through History – the Vandals that sacked Rome come to mind…with prices the way they are, and are going, New Zealand is about to undergo radical change – too many hungry people is always trouble for the Government, and this one, with the ignorance of detatchment, are about to create a clash, that may in fact, destroy NZ.
    I hope I’m wrong – but I’m out in my Community, and cracks are appearing everywhere – except in the blissfull mind of the Minister for Whatever.

  2. ps; what are bill english’ qualifications as an economist, or for that matter, a disaster relief specialist?

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