Déjà vu

I just saw the news story on the welfare reform working group.

Deep breaths deep breaths…

I just hope that NZers still hold to the idea of a fair go for all and especially a fair start in life for all and fight back as we did in the 90s.

The government spin has created the tidy image of all of Dunedin and Invercargill on a benefit for more than 7 years. Shocking. Terrible. We must do something to fix that. Interesting though that they don’t mention which benefit(s).

Do they distinguish between the sickness benefit, the invalids benefit, the DPB or the unemployment benefit? I don’t list those to suggest that some are more worthy than others. I list them to give a hint of why people may need a benefit.

Maybe some of those people are unwell… maybe some have serious disabilities that prevents them from working.. maybe no one wants to give them a job… maybe they’re bringing up their children alone and their children need them… maybe they’re escaping a violent relationship…

Putting a time limit on a benefit or cutting the rates even further or any of the other old and tired ideas they’re suggesting will not improve our society or the lives of any of those people on benefits or their children.

It’s just too rich that so soon after the government cutting the top tax bracket rather than investing in job creation they start blaming the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society for our national debt.


One response to “Déjà vu

  1. deep breaths….nice…you funny jan – be back

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