Chief Scientist warns of youth ‘powder keg’

From Today’s NZ Herald

“Younger sexual maturation, slow brain development and complex social networks are creating a “powder keg” likely to cause an explosion of unsafe sex, drugs and crime, warns the Government’s chief science adviser”…

“The Prime Minister’s Science Advisory Committee would undertake a full study on what actions could be taken and report back within a few months, Sir Peter said”…

“On the bright side, however, many individuals are extremely resilient to these pressures and their passage through adolescence is untroubled; an important research question is to understand what makes some children resilient and others not.”

WTF ?! This research has been done already. We know many of the answers and believe me they don’t involve lowering the age of criminal responsibility, removing funding for Multi-Systemic Therapies, closing youth health services, cutting benefits, undermining alternative education services, creating educational losers at a younger age – a la national standards, or reinforcing paradigms that see young people as seperate, incapable, or problematic as this media release does.


One response to “Chief Scientist warns of youth ‘powder keg’

  1. An explosion of youth power is what this country needs ))

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