GST off fresh fruit and veg?

It might sound good to some but….I have concerns:

The costs of  administering it may be too much. The same money otherwise directed into say increasing the minimum wage or raising benefits, might be better.

It won’t stop the shops/supermarkets from adding more  to the price of fruit and veges to increase their profit margin or from discounting junk food more to get the customers in – effectively eliminating the intention of this measure.

Research has been done that shows that with education Pakeha will buy healthy food if it is discounted but there is not a simple or necessarily direct relationship between price and purchase.

Further in terms of a measure for promoting healthy behaviour  we don’t know what the money saved will be spent on.  This isn’t going to stop kids pressuring their parents to buy them chippies or pies. Sometimes money saved means more money to spend on crap. Yum pies.

Most importantly to me this will  be seen to justify the increase in GST –  a regressive tax which unfairly hurts the poor – who like the rest of us also need to buy things other than fruit and vegetables.


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