Art – a gift of reflection

I went to see the art installation GhostPaper , by Jack Trolove, at Toi Poneke yesterday.

If you live in Wellington and haven’t been yet – go!

It’s an incredibly engaging and intelligent consideration of a construction of pakeha identity. It felt like a very rich and layered gift .

On the back of the booklet `Thoughts on being an unsettled settler’ that was produced to go with the installation, the artist thanks her sponsors- CORSO, The Quakers Peace Fund, The Sweet As…? Conference, Wellington City Creative NZ Communities and ARC. Good on them, but I do think it’s wrong that an artist that is giving such an important gift to her community should have to scrabble around for funding.


2 responses to “Art – a gift of reflection

  1. Jack is the bomb. Is the grass dead yet? It was supposed to die apparently. I think there’s only one week left for the exhibition.

  2. Isn’t she! And amazingly the grass hasn’t died yet. I think it’s a comment on how despite our absence of legitimacy/roots we cling to power tenaciously 🙂

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