It feels like it’s been ages

since I last wrote.

There’s been alot going on.


  • attended an international sustainability conference.
  • been working.
  • helped facilitate the national Green Union Hui – so very productive. Watch out world.
  • attended the Green’s To Mine or Not to Mine debate which was awesome. We all knew who would win but still great to see the people and the passion. And then what about that march in Auckland aye?!
  •  had meetings about research in Auckland.
  • attended the 30th anniversary of the Women’s Charter which was inspiring, aggravating and worrying in equal parts. The first item on the charter is right to employment. It seems we’re still a long way from having that right recognised. Lyndy McIntyre gave a rousing speech on the urgency of NOW! Couldn’t disagree.
  • given a speech on benefit reforms – which went very well – thank you very much.
  • been interviewing for the womens refuge appeal coordinator. So yell out if you’d like to help add your energy to raising $s.
  • been sicky 😦
  • been talking about some of the problems with alternative education/PTEs which will be the subject of a whole blog.
  • been ranting about water and loving the work of Maria McMillan .
  • got a team together for the Metlink Safari next weekend – whoop whoop.
  • organising a workshop for Wellington Greens May 18, on writing submission on the MMP . Let me know if you’d like to attend.
  • been taking photos of objects that represent a sustainble city, which was a fun and interesting exercise.

I’m looking forward to my first free weekend since Easter. The Year of the Flood here I come.


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