It’s strange what passes for expertise these days

Gordon Campbell has written a great post on the Paula Bennet’s welfare reform working group.

I think it’s important, if deeply disturbing, to gain an insight into the views of the group members. This is a quote from one of the ‘experts’ Peter Saunders:

“Britain looks surprisingly like a society divided into classes on the basis of talent.[!] The pattern of social mobility is broadly consistent with what should happen in a perfectly open society with recruitment based solely on intelligence. The second conclusion is that we do not need to do IQ tests to find evidence supporting the link between social class and intelligence. The close approximation between what would happen under open competition and what does happen in Britain indicates that ability probably does coincide to a large extent with class positions. This lends strong support to Mr Murray’s claim of a link between low average intelligence and low class position.”

A bit of Nietsche’s superman anyone?


One response to “It’s strange what passes for expertise these days

  1. There seems to be a trend of appointing wingnuts and bigots to Government advisory bodies. Brian Neeson the the Human Rights Review Tribunal has to be the worst.

    But even more disturbing than Saunders, Gordon Campbell points out two of the members of the Welfare Working group have conflicts of interest – their businesses contract to MSD in welfare to work service provision, so the welfare policy direction recommended by the Welfare Working Group will have direct financial implications for them personally.

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