Wellington Libraries Under Threat

I got forwarded this email today:

Buried in the Wellington City Council’s draft annual plan for 2010/11 there is a major threat to our current library system – with potential for Wadestown, Brooklyn, Island Bay and Khandallah to lose their libraries.

Please see the outline attached here: Wellington Libraries.

Public meetings are being held by the Council to discuss the draft ‘Community Facilities Policy and Implementation Plan’: ·

 7.00pm Wednesday 21 April Johnsonville Library, 5 Broderick Road, Johnsonville ·

6.00pm Thursday 22 April Mezzanine floor, Central Library, 65 Victoria Street, Wellington ·

12.30pm Monday 26 April Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, Kilbirnie Crescent, Kilbirnie


4 responses to “Wellington Libraries Under Threat

  1. Jan, thanks for the info. You should send this to the folks at http://wellingtonista.com/ as well.

  2. Thanks for alerting us to this, I had no idea this was in the works. I was very disappointed and angry when the mobile library was shut down, and I am very worried and frustrated to hear of yet more potential restrictions to libraries in our local communities. You’ve motivated me to read the draft annual plan and make a submission on it – cheers!

  3. Joss Debreceny

    Jan, you should send this onto http://wellingtonista.com/ as well. Joss

  4. Thanks for the idea Joss – done.
    Hopefully they’ll spread the word.

    Cheers Karen, I had no idea either. It’s really worrying when things get buried like this.

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