When you’ve got a spare five minutes

why not help a cause:

Education & Democracy

Submissions on Voluntary Student Membership close on the 31st of March. You can easily make a submission online in 5 minutes or write a letter to your MP here.

Youth & Health

Print out , sign and put this petition up in your workplace. This is to get secure funding for Youth Health One Stop Shops in NZ.

Having been closely involved with these services I know what a huge difference they make and they’re really at risk at the moment so please do help spread the petition or at least join their facebook page.

Democracy & Media

Go to Save Radio NZ There you can send an e-card, as organised by the Green Party, or sign a petition as organised by the Labour Party or find out about meetings and others ways to support.

The Environment

Go to 2precious2mine and there you can sign petition, send an e-card, email a photo to the PM and find out about events.

Our animal friends

Send an e-card to the Government to protest sow crate farming. 


Join the campaign for MMP here. They’re looking for volunteers and money – all you have to do is sign up.

And of course join all their facebook groups.


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