National Saving the Poor from Themselves

Warning – if you don’t approve of sarcasm – don’t read this post. I’m so angry I’m struggling to communicate.

Having learnt their lesson in the 90s – National  no longer directly attacks beneficiaries.

The list of proposed changes listed below are not an attack on the poor. According to John Key they’re not even a money saving initiative.

These changes are to help the poor, those poor beneficiaries who just don’t know what’s good for them or their children.

Having my benefit cut or stopped if I don’t take the jobs they think I should. Yep that will help reduce inequalities.

Requiring sickness beneficiaries – a significant number of whom are suffering mental illness/stress – to go to the doctor more often – will surely help with their recovery.

Requiring parents on the DPB to do part time work from the time their children are 6 will help keep those children in school, I bet.

Announced changes:

* Expectations of part-time work for single parents on the domestic purposes benefit when their child reaches six and for people on the sickness benefit deemed capable of part-time work.

* Allowing Work and Income case managers to cut benefits by half as a sanction, followed by a full suspension then a cancellation.

* Employment benefits limited to a year. Beneficiaries must reapply after a year with a comprehensive work assessment.

* More frequent assessments of people on a sickness benefit, with the first two medical assessments only good for four weeks each, and a compulsory reassessment after 12 months.

These cuts effectively destroy, our long held (albiet shakily) and hard fought for safetynet by putting so many human sized holes in the net, it’s hard to know who will be caught by it.


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