A list of recent rants

There’s been too much going on I can’t decide what to blog about, so I’m just going to list (some of) them:

Mining. grrrrr.

Possible closing of 198 Youth Health Service – grrrrr. Please go join their facebook page and if you’re in Christchurch go to the protest this Friday. Free, confidential, appropriate health services for young people are incredibly important for so many reasons that will require a whole other post.

Boy the movie – ahhhh lovely. I laughed, I cried, I felt better about the world at the end.

The prospect of 5-7ft waves at Lyall Bay on a work day – grrrr.

Qualified social workers that think most lesbians are violent – grrrr WTF!

The Nina Simone tribute concert – wow. Just a real shame that the audience was mostly white and rich.


2 responses to “A list of recent rants

  1. “Qualified social workers that think most lesbians are violent”?!

    They are just begging for a knuckle sandwich if you ask me!!!

    Where was this? And why?

  2. Funny! Sadly, there might be confidentiality issues that mean I can’t go into details. Wish I could though.

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