It’s Walk 2 Work Day Today

Walking to work is not an onerous thing for me; I do it most days.

The getting up before 6am this morning to help hand out apples and flyers for the walk 2 work event at Frank Kitts was a bit of a challenge though. But thanks to Living Streets Aotearoa for a great event.

I’m not sure if I’m a walker naturally by disposition or was made one from not being able afford cars that didn’t send me broke fixing them, or whether living so long in Wellington has turned me in to a walker.

I am sure that walking is very good for me; my physical health and my mental health. Walking has reduced my stress as I no-longer worry about about having enough money to fill the tank, let alone that anxiety as the WOF comes due, or the real freaking out as the car breaks down. Then there are the positive, not just absence of negative, benefits – everyday I get at least 40 minutes  just to ponder life/ listen to music, smile at the regulars on my path, and feel virtuous about my lowered carbon footprint.

I live in Mt Cook, partly because it’s so close to my work and town, so I can walk everywhere I want to go. This map doesn’t seem to show up Mt Cook as a suburb of many walkers. Strange. 

More Census related data on commuting can be found here the Stats NZ commuting patterns page which is full of interesting stats (if you’re a geek like me).

Wellington is certainly more walking friendly compared to other NZ cities but there’s still so much room for improvement, and the recent increase in pedestrian injuries is a concern.

I’ve absolutely no evidence for this, but I do seem to have noticed an increased aggression towards pedestrians recently. Several times I’ve almost been hit on the crossing and even been given the fingers by a car who wouldn’t stop – even when I was in the middle of the road. I wonder whether this is a byproduct of the cycle/car tension.


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