International Women’s Day Flashmob

To mark International Women’s Day, Monday 8 March, the Roundtable on Violence Against Women invite you to join a “flash mob” against violence towards women.

Too many women and girls around the world and in New Zealand have their lives destroyed by sexual, physical and psychological violence. The vast majority of violence is done by men who are known to the victim.

On Monday we call on on the government to take a holistic approach to ending all forms of violence against women. We also call on all people, no matter where they are in society, to take action to protect women and children and help stop violence.

A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do some action that gains attention from passers-by, and then quickly disperse.

This will be a peaceful event!

Please gather at 12.30pm on the grass at Midland Park (near Kircaldie and Stains) on Lambton Quay, WELLINGTON.

Bring a memento (flower, picture, poem, etc) that honours women who have survived violence, or symbolises hope for a violence-free future.

Please place this item in the centre of the group, stand in silence for 5 minutes or so, then leave.

Take some action to help stop violence against women. PLEASE FORWARD THIS AROUND AND TEXT YOUR FRIENDS!!!! from the Roundtable on Violence Against Women


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