Hello world!

On the radio this morning, Matthew Hooten said (and I’m paraphrasing) poverty rates don’t actually measure poverty, they just measure who has the least money.

So when people say 20% of NZ children live in poverty they just mean there is a lowest economic quintile.

I need to respond. 

 I’ve lived all over and I saw poverty there

and returned and saw poverty here

I haven’t got the photos of children going without meals here in NZ.

The photos of children having to stay home from school to look after their siblings when they’re sick because their parents can’t afford to miss work, the pictures of children with shoes that are falling apart, the pile of forms representing the numbers of people applying for food parcels each week, the kids staying at home because they can’t afford bus fare anywhere, or in winter, the number of children in A&E with acute asthma because their homes are cold and damp.

I know poverty though and it does exist here.

Child Poverty Action  provide more information on how poverty statistics are developed in NZ.


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